Get Verified and Claim your Business or Service Listing

To verify your service or listing, please get in touch with us.

A verified business listing upholds the trust of our users by ensuring its authenticity and accuracy.

You can also claim your listing, and we will assist you in creating an account with a username and password, allowing you to log in to our website for managing your business or service. Claiming your business involves verifying that you are the authorised representative or owner of the business listed on our website.

To verify your business, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  1. A photograph of the exterior of your office and one photo of the interior workspace.
  2. A copy of a government-issued certificate or ID card related to your business, office, or service.
  3. Any other documents as specified during our communication.

These steps are necessary to ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of the information listed on our platform.

Once verified your listing will get a Verified badge or tag on it.

The verification process incurs a nominal fee, given the involvement of our highly skilled technical team. This fee covers the expertise and resources required to perform the verification efficiently and accurately.

Ready to verify and claim your business or service ? contact us on this link.

Once the verification process is successfully completed, you can start promoting your business through us.