Tadmur Logistics

Bldg. 53, Zone 91, St. 2005, Wadi Aba Saleel, Doha, Qatar
  • Services: Logistics Management, Stores and Warehouses, Facilities management, Project Renovations, Auto repair services
  • Service Areas: Qatar
  • Payment Mode: All major payments accepted

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Tadmur Logistics is a company in Qatar that has been growing quickly. We started in 2007 and have become experienced in helping the local market. We have a strong network of solutions, and we’re connected to our parent company, Tadmur Holding. Tadmur Logistics specializes in things like managing logistics, taking care of stores and warehouses, managing facilities, fixing cars, and providing places for staff and blue-collar workers to stay. We have nine modern warehouses in Qatar’s Industrial Area, which help us offer these services.

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